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Siberian Husky Breeder
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Siberian Husky Breeder


First of all I would like to apologize: English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

You would like to know next information if you dream about Siberian Husky:

Siberian huskies are sled dogs with lot of energy. Their owners have to spend lot of time on activity with a dog. If you will not do this – prepare for a fractured clothes and destroyed furniture – your dog will find how to spend own huge energy. Just keep in mind – problem is not in a dog, problem is in dog owner who spend too little time with his friend…

If you live in an apartment, prepare to walk with a dog for several hours each day even during rain or snow. Keep in mind, your husky (just like you) have to pee/poo several times per day. If you forget about it – dog will do it somewhere at your apartment.

Everything can be easier for you if you live in detached dome, because husky will be able to spend their energy without your help. However, you have to have good tall and solid fence with good foundation – huskies can jump very high and dig deep holes. If you have a female dog, she can escape your house during heat (~3 weeks each 6-12 months); if you have a male dog – he can escape any time he smells female dog in heat. So you can geld your dog if you don’t want to breed – this will help to prevent seasonal dog’s escape from a home. Also please forget about keeping your dog in chain – husky is a wrong breed for this. They are too freedom-loving creatures, it’s horrible to keep them in a few square meter jail.


Husky are a very curious and freedom-loving creatures, everything is interesting for them. Even trained ones can forget about owner and wander aimlessly. So you should clearly understand risks of possible dog’s escape. If you want use free-range, try to do this when your dog is young. If husky is adult, it’s better to try it with other dog’s owners – your husky will play with other dogs and it could be easier to catch him. Also keep in mind – it’s easy to steal husky, so always keep an eye on him.

It’s better to start dog training as soon as possible. But keep in mind, husky is not a working dog breed. It’s not enough to teach dog understand your commands – you should explain why husky need to execute your command (food, petting, toy – everything that can be interested to your dog). However, you should understand – it’s very difficult to achieve 100% executing of your commands. But, it does not mean that you should ignore training at all: it’s better to have a dog that understand what you want (and husky can ignore your orders sometimes) comparing to uncontrolled dog at all.

Also you should understand – animal trainer will teach your pet basic knowledges and polish existing ones. He will give to you home tasks, and you responsible for your dog training by repeating all known commands every day. We can recommend to train your dog during prime food process – it will help to polish all existing knowledges.


Siberian huskies usually are kindly and friendly to all peoples. This is a one of main advantages and this can be prime breed weakness for all potential owners. Husky will love your children, relatives and friends. But, they will love enemies and unwelcomed guests as well…

That’s right, husky is not a watchdog! It does not make sense to put them in chains and try train to hate everybody. Unfortunately, sometimes some bad persons trying to achieve it via violence. As result husky will be unstable dangerous creature for all persons including his owner. So if you want a watchdog – better choose another dog breed.

If you worrying how your hasky will react to your children and relatives – don’t worry, everything will be fine. Husky is not aggressive to peoples so just love your dog and it will love everybody around you.

Husky is a very active dog, they love run around and play. If you have no enough time – you may think about second dog (it can be any breed). Your dogs will play as much as they want and you can spend all time on your personal tasks. Also your husky less likely run away from home.


It’s quite easy to take care about husky. Well, I can even say – it’s a great dog for lazy owners! Their self-cleaning hair is magical! Hour ago It was completely dirty and now it’s almost clean! Amazing! Keep in mind, it’s not recommend to bath hasky too often. But if you wish to clean the dog – make sure you dry husky’s hair completely.

One of main advantages of husky – they almost do not stink. Very often dog owners do not take them in car because of horrible smell. Well, forget about it if you are owner of husky! Also they are not slobby – +1 to take husky in car!

Quite important issue – is a molting. Husky cleans from molted hair quite slow – you as owner need to help your dog with it. If you ignore this period, husky will sweat and this may lead to problems with skin: dandruff, peeling, eczema.


Dogs are omnivorous creatures – they will eat everything that could be tasty. And if husky will see you eating – you would better to share your delicious snack. Of course, you should feed them with high quality food if you want to see good husky hair. But it’s a difficult question – everyone recommends own style of “good feeding”. So we decided to share own dog’s diet.

We feed our huskies with dry pet food and meat dessert (paunch of cow, udder, cheek, bones). Dry pet food allow us to feed each dog with required ration. We use Adragna Daily at summer, Adragna Daily Top at autumn/spring and Adragna Active at winter. You can find distributors at official web site of Adragna. Keep in mind, clean water has to be accessible to dogs during day, especially after feeding process.

Also we would like to note about price of 20kg food packs. It may looks high, but take in mind – mature husky female eats 0.3-0.35kg per day and mature male – 0.35kg-0.4kg (you can find exact values on food label). So 1 pack of food will be enough to feed your dog during 20 / 0.35 = ~57 days. Quite good values. We not sure you will safe enough money if you cook food manually. However, decision is yours.


Siberian huskies are sled dogs, many of them demonstrate sport talents since childhood. If you have a bicycle, you can purchase some additional equipment and enjoy riding with husky (you even don’t need to roll bicycle’s pedals!). Some peoples can call it sadism, but it’s not – husky always want to pull something heavy, it’s in theirs blood. This is awesome way to spend husky’s energy!

If bikejoring (husky + bicycle) is not interesting and you like run activity – take look on canicross – husky will enjoy running with you! There are many other activities including pulk, skijoring. Unfortunately, south of Ukraine is not good for snow – but you can live in region with snow winters – husky will enjoy it!

There are group of sled dog’s enthusiasts in each big city. They meet at autumn-winter-spring seasons and enjoy drive with dogs (summer usually is not good for such activity – max allowed temperature for long runs is 16°C). Don’t be shame, visit our trainings – there are lot of newbies among us as well as experienced dog drivers.

There are many other activities with dogs: agility, frisbee, obedience, travels and journeys… If you look for something more – visit local dog forums and canine centres – you will find some good company and open something new to yourself.


We do not specialize in breeding of high end puppies for dog show. Our puppies are great for sport and home. But this does not mean our huskies are bad for dog shows! Even more, we will support you in such desire. Keep in mind - dog shows require notable financial efforts (and dog’s price is a small part of it). Usually this event is visited by persons who want to increase pedigree value of their dogs (for breeding). So you should choose puppy with good pedigree and best available anatomy. Such dogs cost notable moneys at big kennels, so prepare to spend lot of money for high end dog or purchase something chipper (with less good pedigree or anatomy).

After purchasing you should visit your canine center and prepare dog’s documents, feed husky with best available food, take care about its hair, spend lot of time training your dog, pay dog show’s fee, transfer to/from dog show, hire dog handler...

It’s important to understand – there are can be lot of other huskies in same class at dog show and winner can be only one. So you should be ready for potential defeats. If you really don’t like to lose – perhaps, dog show is not best choice as hobby for you.

It may look quite deterrent, but believe me – there are special energy in air at dog shows. Here you can find new friends with same interests. If you like such activity, it’s a great opportunity to visit many cities with new friends (and even countries!)


Wednesday, February 5, 2020 :     Paristan is the Top Junior of the Breed 2019 in Ukraine!

We would please to inform that Paristan (ZHAHA ZHYTTYA PARISTAN) is now officially has the title Top Junior of the Breed 2019 (TopJBOB'19)! He is now the best junior Siberian Husky in Ukraine in 2019! The TopJBOB'19 is the official title, and according to UKU-FCI directive it will specified in puppies certificates.

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