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Sunday, October 16, 2016 :     Trinity at САС-UA «Meetings in Odessa 2016» dog show

Another dog show visited by Trinity.

Class: Puppy. Judge - Rui Oliveira (Portugal). Result: Perspective

Judge Description: General appearance – excellent; Head - excellent; Mouth – normal; Body – excellent; Forequarters – no criticism; Hindquarters - no criticism; Movement – free movement.

Sunday, September 25, 2016 :     Trinity joins our family

Time goes on. Warm summer is over; chilly autumn has start. 18 September was a regular day at first. But everything changed at evening – Marina (ZHAHA ZHYTTYA) made a difficult decision – she decided to parting from Trinity. This dog was very special for her, and she really love her. And we glad she chosen us as Trinity owners.

Nobody really knew Trinity except very close persons to her. She was extremely unfriendly to everyone who want to become acquainted with her. We visited Vasiliy Ivanovitch’s house quite rare – and we managed to become a friend to her. However, dog didn’t show her true nature to us. It was difficult to believe Marina’s words about Trinity – extremely strong connection to owner and craving for love and petting. Especially there was a Petunia who loved each nice person who pet her. We worried Trinity do not accept us as owners when time arrives.

And time arrived. 25 September Marina, Vasiliy Ivanovitch, Bar, Zorina, Baris, Belunya and Trinity visited our house. Trinity was quite during the day, she felt something going to change. After many hours it was a time to farewell. Trinity was surprised - mom left her and go away with others. But she didn’t cry – parting was painless. Mom knows she always can visit our house and see her wonderful daughter who remember her and love a lot.

After 1 hour we saw real Trinity. She invited as into own closed world. She dropped her mask of serious dog who do not like peoples at all. We saw a tender girl, who required lot of pet and love. And we happy to see her with us. She has everything that we like in husky and other non-pedigree dogs. She is so special, smart and beauty. She is Trinity.

Sunday, September 4, 2016 :     Trinity visits dog shows at Kyiv

At beginning of September ZHAHA ZHYTTYA kennel visited 3 exhibitions at Kyiv – Marina and Vasiliy Ivanovitch took all their puppies (except one) and went to win rings at capital of Ukraine. Trinity’s results are below.

Sep 03 2016: FCI-CACIB «Gold of Scythians 2016». Class: Puppy. Judge - Livija Zizevske (Lithuania). Result: Large Perspective, 4th place. Judge Description: strong-built, good skeleton, correct format, good lines of head, good looking head, strong neck, strong line of back, good front, good angles of limbs, good structure of hair, good balanced movements, good tail position, ‘funny’ tail.

Sep 04 2016: FCI-CACIB «Sophia of Kyiv 2016». Class: Puppy. Judge - Borge Espeland (Norway). Result: Large Perspective, 4th place. Judge Description: good type, good lines of head, good ears, good neck, a bit straight shoulder, a bit soft metacarpus, good line of back, good angle of back limbs, good tail position, but tail is not pedigree, would like to see better hair and temperament;.

Sep 04 2016: CAC-UA «Sophia of Kyiv 2016» - Mono pedigree dog show. Class: Puppy. Judge - Marja Talvitie (Finland). Result: No mark . Judge Description: big quality, most too much at behind, very big ears, very right shoulder, normal movement, too high carried tail, does not let to judge the bite.

At last dog show Trinity tired from all this stuff and was anger to judge and didn’t allow him to check bite. As result he didn’t received mark from judge.

Friday, August 5, 2016 :     Yuta is moving to UKU (FCI)

We had think a lot about changing Yuta’s canine organization from Ukrainian Kennel Club (UKC - WKU) to Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU – FCI). Final decision was not clear for a long time – there was cons and pros for each choice. Until now – we decided to move Yuta to FCI. Yuta’s pedigree card didn’t contain star dogs in history except grandfather (GIBSON ESKIMOSKI DOMEK). So now this pedigree card is completely empty at FCI. Well, we do not worry too much about it – we didn’t plan lot exhibitions for Yuta. So Yuta was reviewed by UKU-FCI judges and invited to this organization.

Judge Description (Nina Aleksandrova): Mark – Very good; General appearance – pedigree, good size; Head - pedigree head; Mouth – good bite; Body – normal, a bit scrawny; Forequarters – good shoulder; Hindquarters - sufficient angles; Movement – free movement; Tail – good position, excessive turned to back; Comments – very good.

Judge Description (Borys Aleksandrov): Mark – Very good; General appearance – pedigree show condition, Head - pedigree, correct lines; Body – low position of neck; Forequarters – parallel; Hindquarters – a bit close position of ankle joints; Movement – sufficiently free movement; Tail – low position; Comments – socialized.

Saturday, May 28, 2016 :     Trinity at САС-UA «Spring at Black Sea Coast 2016» dog show

Trinity's first dog show was in Chornomorsk. Marina introduced her beloved puppy to a big ring world!

Class: Baby. Judge - Vitaliy Khizhnyak (Ukraine).

Results: Large Perspective, Best Baby.

Judge Descriptions: Pedigree, excellent size, energetic, right lines, proportionate, good format, good bite, good line of back, good angles, right layout of tail, good croup length, nicely socialized, very temperamental.

Saturday, May 21, 2016 :     Yuta at WKU-CACIB «Black Sea Cup 2016» dog show

Yuta visited her very first dog show organized by club Bolero at Odessa.

Class: Junior. Judge - Zbigniew Zielinski (Poland).

Results: Perspective, 2nd place. (Yeah, they so good, gived 'Perspective' mark to dog in 'Junior' class... Head of WKU changed mark to 'Excellen', but...)

Judge Descriptions: General appearance - excellent, Head - excellent, Mouth - normal, Body - excellent, Forequarters - excellent, Hindquarters - excellent, Movement - excellent.

Monday, February 8, 2016 :     Trinity's Birthday

Kennel ZHAHA ZHYTTYA celebrates a big date: birth of Bar and Zorina’s first litter: Baris, Belunya, Petunia, Trinity and Sofa. Puppies growth very fast and makes happy owners and everybody around them. And we will think during lot of time – which one pippy would be the best for us…

It’s true – kennel owners quickly understand who would be good owner of some particular puppy. Trinity never liked strangers, but she made a choice quite quickly, even she was aggressive to us. Marina noticed that and always says jokes about it. But we were too unsure and Trinity spends childhood with Marina and Vasiliy Ivanovitch, mother, father, brother and sisters. But is it bad? I think it’s not. She will be a young dog when she moves to new home…